A combined 60 years of field experience

ValSpan, Inc. brings a wealth of experience to every project. Our professionals have provided valuation and consulting services to hundreds of clients, generating appraisals of assets in both domestic and foreign markets.

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Featured Testimonial

In late 2007, our management team completed a buy-out of the ENTEK International from its founder. Our company is very capital intensive with a combination of custom engineered and purchased equipment. With the company's fiscal year end quickly approaching, it was important that we find an appraisal firm that had the experience to value complex production lines at both our U.S. and U.K. operations and be familiar with the reporting requirements required by U.S. GAAP.

Valspan's representatives met with us to discuss the scope of the engagement, spent time touring our facility and meeting with our people to better understand our requirements. They provided us with a detailed service quotation including the expected time requirements, projected costs and anticipated completion date. Valspan was able to met our timeline without minimal disruption our operations and time required by company personnel. Most importantly, our auditors and internal managers were very satisfied with their final report.

I am very satisfied with my experience in working with Valspan and believe they have a broad knowledgeable of equipment and operations, are very professional in their approach and have a concern about meeting their clients' delivery expectations.

Dan Powell
ENTEK International
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Machinery & Equipment

Tangible property is a vital contributor to most businesses and service organizations. Without them, the retailer has no place to display his products, the manufacturer has no machines, and the transportation company has no trucks. In short, there is no business. LEARN MORE