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ValSpan, Inc. specializes in appraisals of complex, special-purpose properties and commercial and industrial machinery and equipment.

We serve a wide variety of industries assisting public and private companies, accounting and legal firms, banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, and state and local governments, with a variety of value-related issues.

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Our Values

A common thread among all clients is the expectation of supportable, high quality, and professional work delivered in a timely fashion at a fair and competitive rate. This is our primary business philosophy, and the Principals of ValSpan, Inc. created a company focused on these core beliefs:

Independence We are experienced in performing appraisals and provide services when a third-party opinion is required or conflicts of interest arise. Our confidentiality policy guarantees discretion and our professional ethics ensure impartial, objective, credible solutions to your concerns. See Services for more information about our role.

Experience Clients want experienced professionals on the job. We have worked with a wide variety of industries performing services for a broad clientele. See Clients for a representative sampling.

Fairly Priced Our professional fees are typically proposed on a unique engagement basis. In order to propose a fee, we solicit a client’s input regarding the anticipated scope of the work, the purpose of the engagement, and timing requirements. Contact Us to inquire about our services or to request a proposal.

Passion The nature of our work provides exposure to a broad cross-section of businesses and industries. We enjoy the benefits of continually seeing and learning from our clients. Simply stated, we are passionate about what we do.